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An inimitable performance harness, Woody Valley’s X-RATED7 integrates a wide range of innovative technologies for easy handling, aerodynamics and extreme comfort over long distances – making this one of the most popular harnesses on the market.


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Certification LTF
Type of closing strap system  Get-Up with T-Lock system
Type of back protection Foam protection with 14 cm diameter
LTF certification No. EAPR-GZ- 0541/16
Working load 120 daN
Size M L XL
Weight*  7.1 Kg  7.7 Kg  8.5 Kg
Distance between carabiner and seat  47 cm  49,5 cm  53,5 cm
Carabiner-to-carabiner distance (min. max.)  40/51 cm
Dimensions of carbon seat plate
Rear width 25.8 cm 27.5 cm 29.7 cm
Front width 23.3 cm 24.8 cm 26.8 cm
Depth 32.5 cm 34.6 cm 37.4 cm
Lower ballast capacity 6.3 litri 7.8 litri 9.8 litri
Rescue container Double rescue container under the seat; optional front rescue parachute
Volume of the intended rescue system containers 4000–10,000 cm
Higher ballast capacity 6.5 litri

*Total weight, including reserve parachute handles, carabiners and protection.

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