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Exceptional comfort, very easy in-flight handling, and safety without compromise. Woody Valley’s WANÌ3 is available in blue and light blue, or in blue and orange.

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Certification EN – LTF
Type of protection Airbag
Type of closing strap system T-lock
Number of certification PH 299.2020
Speed bar 90 g
Size S M L XL
Weight* 3,8 Kg 4,1 Kg 4,3 Kg 4,4 Kg
Removable rucksack hip belt weight 116 gr 127 gr 141 gr 141 gr
Distance between carabiner and seat 43 cm 45 cm 47 cm 48.5 cm
Distance between carabiners 37.5-48 cm 37.5-48cm 37.5-51.5 cm 37.5-51.5 cm
Seat board rear measurement 33.5 cm 35 cm 37 cm 38 cm
Seat board front measurement 30.5 cm 32 cm 34 cm 34.5 cm
Seat board depth measurement 34.7 cm 36.5 cm 38.5 cm 39.5 cm
Parachute compartment 5.5 liters 5.5 liters 5.5 liters 5.5 liters

*Total weight including reserve parachute handles and carabiners.

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