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Shipping Information

Shipping Times

The Brands supplied by Fly+5 each have manufacturing sites located in different countries around the world. As such, shipping times vary for a number of reasons that are often outside of our control. However, the following outlines the standard timeframes from the date that you submit the payment for your order to Fly+5 to receiving your gear at your designated delivery address.


For paragliders that are in stock when you submit your order payment, shipping typically takes 6 weeks. On occasion, it can take longer – or be as fast as 2 weeks!

For paragliders that are not in stock when you submit the payment for your order (which includes paragliders ordered with custom colors), manufacturing times for all Brands that we supply typically take 8 weeks, plus the standard 6 weeks shipping (making, on average, a total of 14 weeks from date of payment).

All Other Gear (harnesses, accessories, etc)

All other gear typically takes 5 weeks to reach your specified delivery address. On occasion, it can take longer, or sometimes be as fast as 2 weeks.

Gear outside of paragliders always tends to be in stock, but if it is not in stock at the time that you make your payment to Fly+5 for your order, then manufacturing typically takes 5–6 weeks, plus the usual shipping time (making, on average, a total of 10–11 weeks from date of payment).

Your Specific Order

We will always do our utmost to ensure that all our customers get the most efficient shipping possible. For more specific estimates on shipping times for your particular order, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you based on the Brand(s), item(s) and other details of your order.

Grouping Your Items

If you have ordered many items and/or a combination of paraglider(s) and non-paraglider item(s), we will usually ship all your items together to reduce your shipping costs.

If, however, you want to receive each item or set of items faster than the longest item’s shipping time, please Contact us to let us know. We will also adjust your shipping costs accordingly. If this request comes after you have submitted your order payment in full, we may need to charge you the additional shipping fee separately and this amount will need to be received prior to adjusting your shipping arrangements.

Shipping Costs

Actual shipping costs are calculated based on the total weight of your order, your shipping address and other prerequisites that you may specify. Usually, we will include the price of shipping in your total, but will be happy to transparently discuss the details of your shipping costs at your request.

Your Billing and Shipping Information

Per item 4 in our Terms and Conditions (‘Accuracy of Billing and Account Information’), you must provide current, complete and accurate purchase and account information for payment, and thus completion, of your order.

It is essential that you accurately provide the full name and full delivery address for your order (be it the same or different to the billing information provided for payment). Fly+5 will not be responsible for failure of delivery or additionally incurred costs due to incorrect delivery information.

We will do everything we can to accommodate a request to change your delivery address after your order has been placed, but this may incur an additional fee and, in some instances, will not be possible. To make a request to alter your delivery details for an order that has been placed, please Contact us immediately.

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