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When to check your gear

Regular maintenance checks of your gear is what keeps you safe – and having fun! So how often should you carry out maintenance on your wing and other flying equipment?

As a rule, a paraglider can withstand the wear and tear caused by: humidity, UV, storage, weather and taking off and landing for years, but even modern equipment is subject to an aging process. Every modern paraglider line is liable to stretching and shrinking. Checks are essential and adjustments often necessary in order to ensure that you’re launching into each flight with your wing in the condition intended by its manufacturer.

All maintenance and checks are subject to variations such as number of flying hours, specific events or damage. But this is a rough list to follow as a minimum:

  • Trim check: Every year or after each 60 flying hours, depending on each manufacturer and the glider.
  • Full glider inspection: Every 2 years or after each 100 flying hours, depending on each manufacturer.
  • Reserves: Repack reserves every 6 months (yes, even if they have not been used!)
  • Harnesses: Every 1 or 2 years, depending on the total hours of use and overall age.

If you’re unsure, make sure your glider maintenance work is carried out by experienced professionals and according to the latest guide lines, recommendations and directives of the relevant manufacturers and associations.

Last of all, make sure every check on your glider is fully documented for your records!


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