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A superlight, steerable cruciform canopy, Charly’s DIAMONDcross ST with reduced sink speed and horizontal steering so that obstacles like power lines can be avoided and an emergency landing field can be precisely approached with a glide ratio of ca. 1:1.5

Different line lengths has the effect that the strips of the canopy don’t lie on top of each other when packing, causing an easier air inlet when opening and thus an increased opening speed compared to conventional cruciform canopies.

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  Weight* (kg) Certification Volumetric value (ccm) Flat surface (m²) Sink speed (m/s) Max. load (kg)
DC ST LIGHT 100 1.17 EN, LTF 3900 25.2 4.7 (100 kg) | 3.6 (70 kg) 100
DC ST LIGHT 125 1.39 EN, LTF 4700 30.7 4.5 (125 kg) | 3.5 (85 kg) 125
DC ST LIGHT 160 1.78 EN, LTF 5300 41.0 4.60 kg) | 3.5 (110 kg) 160
DC ST LIGHT 220 2.25 EN, LTF 7300 59.2 4.5 (220 kg) | 3.5 (160 kg) 220

* the weight includes the connection to the harness, as the V-line is not necessary.

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