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At only 3.5 kilograms, Nova’s ALTUS is extraordinarily light, extremely comfortable and has a unique level of safety for its class: under the seat is a ready for action Pre-inflated Airbag. This airbag is shaped using a durable foam mesh. Once in the air, the airbag also supports the pilot’s back.

Purchase includes Stratus carabiners and manual.

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Pilot height cm <171 170–180 >180
Harness weight kg 3.5 3.7 4.0
Certification PH 130.2015 PH 130.2015 PH 130.2015
Maximum clip-in weight 130 kg (LTF) 130 kg (LTF) 130 kg (LTF)
Energy absorbtion value g 24 24 24
Colours NOVA Red NOVA Red NOVA Red

Component Materials
Outer & inner shell: Nylon Ripstop
Main and shoulder straps: Polyester
Leg loops: Polyester
Chest strap: Polyamid
Carabiner: AustriAlpin Stratus
Buckles: Aluminum buckles, T-Lock-System
Protection: Pre-inflated Airbag

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