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Gstar Parachute Front Container

For reliable parachute deployment even when the pilot is subjected to high g-forces, the clever release mechanism facilitates deployment from either side, using either the right or the left hand. The laterally positioned handles are within sight of the pilot and can easily be reached even if the pilot’s upper body is in a reclined/supine position (e.g. when exposed to high g-forces). Pilots with shorter arms can also reliably deploy their parachute.

Deployment is nearly instant, due to the close connection between the handle and the parachute container. Flexible nylon pins permit the parachute to be deployed with little resistance, in any direction of pull.

The compact design means the pilot will not be obstructed during take off or in-flight.

Optional accessories: Peguet Rapide Inox Maillons and O-rings to securely fasten the Y-bridle with your round or cruciform canopy.

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  • Light and compact design
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Long nylon pins to prevent accidental deployment
  • Transparent inspection panels to check pins are secure
  • The parachute connector/main hang point is securely fastened to the parachute container to prevent dislodging
  • Velcro panel and lanyard to secure flight instruments
  • Compatible with all modern harnesses and parachutes
  • Made in Europe

Size S M L
Weight including handle, excluding parachute bridle 123g 127g 135g
Parachute Y-bridle distance to the Gstar 0.80m. Weight: 34g
Riser extension for the Beamer 3 to the Gstar. Weight: 27g
Colour Graphite

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