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Pin Lock

Forged from Titanal (alloy 7075 T6), the Finsterwalder PIN LOCK is the ultimate paragliding carabiner. Compatible with conventional paragliding carabiners and suitable for all paragliders and harnesses with webbing loops of 40 to 45 mm. Separate webbing chambers prevent shunt loading.

The Finsterwalder PIN LOCK features a very large replacement interval and yields a weight reduction of 80–120 g per pair compared to steel carabiners.

Weight: 80 g/pc.

Inner height: 40 mm


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  • Breaking load: 2,500 DaN* certified fatigue endurance
  • Replacement interval for mono use: 8 years, unlimited hours of usage
  • Replacement interval for tandem use: 3 years, unlimited hours of usage
  • Drop-forged from Titanal

* 1 DaN (dekanewton) = 10 newton ≈ 1 kg

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