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Easy Quick Tow Release

The Dietmar Mathes EASY QUICK TOW RELEASE with integrated Charly towing adapter is characterized by easy handling and low weight (95 g). Using the EASY QUICK textile tow release, the paraglider can fly pre-accelerated during the towing process and thus the tendency to stall is minimized. It is particularly suitable for open harnesses without front containers.

The tow release has successfully passed the DHV type examination according to the airworthiness requirements for paragliders and hang gliders.

Weight: 95 g

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  • One-step, one-piece webbing tow release with integrated towing adapter and exchangeable release rope
  • Release: Sliding sleeve
  • Max. hook-in load: 200 DaN
  • Breaking point to be used: 150 – 200 DaN

* 1 DaN (dekanewton) = 10 newton ≈ 1 kg

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