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Beginners Paragliding Clinic

An exciting clinic for budding pilots living in the New York metro area or upstate. If you don’t have a car, we can arrange pick up from a meeting up point (or in some cases, door-to-door!)

Clinic includes loaned gear:

Paraglider, harness, helmet and radio
(with option to buy gear at end of course)


Successful completion of the course and written tests will qualify students as USHPA certified P1 and P2 pilots.

Beginners Clinic, New York


This clinic teaches the essential foundation skillsets for newer pilots.

Dedication to your practical techniques and theoretical knowledge, with an emphasis on safety and awareness will ensure you are proficient for the following ratings.

On this course, you will:

  • Log a minimum of 25 flights
  • Log a minimum of 7 instructional days.


More on USHPA P-1 & P-2 Ratings

P-1 (Beginner Pilot) identifies a student who has demonstrated the basic ability to take off, fly in a straight line, and land, but is not yet ready to go out flying independently. P-1 Pilots also understand the basics of glider set up and breakdown.

P-2 (Novice Pilot) indicates a pilot who has learned about turns, maneuvering and how to estimate where to land, as well as operation in stronger winds. He/she has had some training about meteorology, air movement, clouds and other environmental factors, as well as the legal rules that govern our flying. A P-2 can go out and fly with other more experienced pilots at easier flying sites, but needs more experience before operating entirely independently.

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